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Researcher Name
Prof. Abdelmonem Awad Hegazy
Name Of Journal
Int J Cadaver Stud Ant Var..
Volume No.
Date Of Publication
Prenatal life is divided into three stages namely germinal, embryonic, and fetal stages. All stages are critical, but the most important is the embryonic stage through which embryogenesis occurs. It normally occurs in the upper segment of the uterus into its endometrium, called decidua after occurrence of conception. Many factors can affect embryogenesis including the mother’s use of medications and even the mother’s psychological state. Of these factors, light may be. The embryo is surrounded by three regions of darkness These areas from the inside out are the amniotic cavity, the uterine cavity, and the abdominal cavity. Light could affect embryonic development either by direct toxic effect on the embryo, or indirectly by photo-oxidation of components in media. This may be useful to avoid potential obstacles to the IVF process as embryos can be exposed to light sources of varying intensity.